Where to Eat & Drink

King Island is also famous for food exports with a range of produce being sought by the world’s top chefs. Anything from succulent beef, rich gourmet cheese and crayfish plucked from the Island’s crystal clear waters are but three of the delicacies you can enjoy on your visit. 


King Island has an abundance of food and drink produce, much of which can only be accessed right here. Like everything of quality, you have to seek it out and plan ahead.

Find a list of our producers and details of where and how to find their goodies here.

Wild Harvest Restaurant

Eating Out

Whether you want to eat on the run, enjoy a cake at a cafe, or sit down for a five course dinner, King Island has something to suit.

King Island Foodworks


King Island's beaches are just begging to have picnics enjoyed on them, and there are a number of parks and public barbecue spots around the Island as well. Check out the Island's retail options to find a broad selection of local, Tasmanian and Australian produce to enjoy at your leisure.