Time to Explore

King Island is known for being wild and rugged with stunning vista’s to explore!  It is the perfect place to visit to put your explorer’s hat on. The walks are gentle, suitable for any fitness level and include long beach walks, bouldering and open fields to roam.  Though you are not likely to find many marked trails, King Island locals have an open gate policy – feel free to walk through but just make sure you close it behind you.  For more information, see the friendly staff at the visitor information centre at 5 George St in Currie, and pick up a brochure.

Walks of King Island

For more information, pick up ‘Walks of King Island’ which contains maps and colour images of 44 walks on the island ranging from inland walks, beach strolls and 4WD tracks if that takes your fancy. Walks range from a quick 10 minute jaunt to 4 hours. Stockists include Australia Post in Currie and the King Island Visitor Information Centre in Currie.

King Island Maritime Trail

The King Island Maritime Trail was opened in 2001 and pays tribute to King Island’s long shipping history. You will find interpretive signage close to the sites of many of the most notable wrecks around our shores. Trail brochures are available on your arrival at the airport and from the Visitor Information Centre.

Calcified Forest

Calcified Forest

On King Island, the 7000 year old remains of a Calcified Forest is made up of hundreds of strange shaped limestone features. They formed when calcium carbonate adhered to the deep roots of coastal vegetation, and have been exposed when the surrounding sand has blown away.

This easy return walk is about 1.3km long, with the viewing platform over the Calcified Forest at the half-way point. Be sure to take a camera to capture these amazing formations.

Seal Rocks


Serving up one of the most dramatic views on the island, Seal Rocks is a must for sweeping views across the wild ocean. Though there are no seals as the name suggests, it's the perfect place to appreciate nature and the beautiful, rugged surroundings. Nearby you can take the Copperhead Walk along the rugged cliffs and see the remarkable remains of the 7000-year-old Calcified Forest.

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Kelp Track

While there are many fantastic tracks used by those collecting kelp on King Island, the gravel Kelp Track in Currie offers the perfect starting point for your exploring. The track starts at the boathouse (also known as the Restaurant with No Food) in Currie Harbour and follows the coastline for 3km (roughly) until the Netherby wreck site.

For further information, please come say hello at our Visitor Centre, located at 5 George St, Currie.

King Island Walks

Explore the wild and rugged coastline with King Island Walks. With our premium, expertly curated walks and tours, you can seize the opportunity to explore, led by experienced guides with deep local knowledge. Learn about the dark history of shipwrecks, local flora and fauna, while walking along the beautiful King Island coastline. Explore those hard to find places with King Island Walks.