How will you choose to spend your time on King Island?

You might choose to retreat to cosy, boutique accommodation complete with a fireplace and resident wallabies to keep you company as you flick through the pages of a book you’ve been trying to read for months. Perhaps you’d rather make the most of the crisp (and oh-so-fresh) air while you explore at your own pace, spinning yarns with local characters and getting lost in the scenery and history of our island. If your perfect escape revolves around filling your belly with delicious food, then quite frankly, you’ll be spoilt for choice with fresh and unique foodie experiences at your fingertips (hint: a crayfish pie from the local bakery is a must, it’s King Island on a plate). Finally, if you’re an avid golfer then there is a very big chance that King Island has held a firm place on your must-visit golf course list for a while now. Either way you plan to spend your time on King Island, an autumn/winter getaway is sure to leave you feeling invigorated.

King Island Dairy

King Island Dairy and Food Store

A true cheese lovers’ paradise, with an award-winning range available of cheese for tasting and purchase. Enjoy a cheese platter or baked brie, available with matching wine and beer, for those that want to settle in and enjoy the picturesque surrounds.

Seal Rocks

Seal Rocks

Serving up one of the most dramatic views on the island, Seal Rocks is a must for sweeping views across the wild ocean. Though there are no seals as the name suggests, it's the perfect place to appreciate nature and the beautiful, rugged surroundings. Nearby you can tak the Copperhead Walk along the rugged cliffs and see the remarkable remains of the 7000-year-old Calcified Forest.

Disappointment Bay

Long stretches of white sand, occasionally broken by large, enigmatic rocks are perfect for walking, swimming, surfing, or paddling. Easily accessible from Cape Wickham Road at the north of the island, this beautiful beach is well worth the small diversion on your way to Cape Wickham Lighthouse or Cape Wickham Links.

The Boathouse

The Boat House

Perched on the edge of Currie Harbour under the gaze of the wrought & cast iron lighthouse sits The Boathouse – aka The Restaurant With No Food. This enchanting building sits on the edge of Currie Harbour under the shadow of the lighthouse and delights visitors and locals alike with its quirky and unique charm. There are few places left in the world which allow you to purchase art using an honesty box, put a log on the fire in chilly weather or just sit back, switch off and relax.

Cape Wickham


The worlds most exciting new golfing destination is here on King Island offering three top-class golf courses. As such, it’s too difficult to pick one golf course from the two 18 hole courses at Cape Wickham & Ocean Dunes and the nine hole local course found in the heart of Currie. Find out more using the buttons below.

Martha Lavinia


You will find Martha Lavinia's 'A frame' break on the bucket list of most surfers. Framed by 5km of nature reserve and featuring crystal clear water, Martha is arguably the best-known surfing spot on the island. However, you are well and truly spoiled for choice with more surf breaks just 20 minutes to the west. You can expect great swell year-round and waves range from beginner to expert.

King Island Cultural Centre

Art & Culture

For such a small population King Island is over-endowed with creative people, keen to share their talents with visitors. King Island Arts & Cultural Centre at Currie Harbour and The Boathouse are great places to visit.

King Island Museum

King Island Historical Museum

This well-stocked and informative museum, staffed by local volunteers from the King Island Historical Society, is located in the old Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage in Currie. Step back in time and learn more about the shipwrecks, soldier settlers, sealers and other early pioneers who strove to tame the wild forests of Kings Island and to whom the present day residents and visitors owe so much. You can also view the original Cape Wickham Lighthouse lens which is more than 150 years old.

Open Tuesday & Thursday & Saturday & Sunday 2-4pm
03 6462 1512

King Island Produce


Locally produced meat, honey, herbs, seafood and even ale, sprits and bottled water means that King Islanders take “shop local” to the next level. You can find much of this produce available on the main street of Currie in the supermarkets, butchery, in the bakery and being served at restaurants and cafes around the island. You can also visit the King Island Brewhouse and The King Island Distillery to meet the makers and see behind the scenes.

Cape Wickham Light House

At 48 metres tall the Cape Wickham Lighthouse is both the tallest in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere. Made from locally quarried stone, the lighthouse celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2011 in the company of Her Excellency Quentin Bryce, the Governor-General of Australia.

Visitors are not currently permitted to enter the lighthouse.

Calcified Forest

Calcified Forest

On King Island, the 7000 year old remains of a Calcified Forest is made up of hundreds of strange shaped limestone features. They formed when calcium carbonate adhered to the deep roots of coastal vegetation, and have been exposed when the surrounding sand has blown away.

This easy return walk is about 1.3km long, with the viewing platform over the Calcified Forest at the half-way point. Be sure to take a camera to capture these amazing formations.


Meet your friendly local guide and set off for this walk just after dawn or before dusk. The trek to the hidden waterhole is short but it’s steep and challenging. Only about 5% of the population have been lucky enough to see a platypus in the wild. The serene destination of our walk is home to several happy platypuses of different sizes, so be sure to join us for this unforgettable and rewarding experience!


On this tour, you will have exclusive access to climb Currie Lighthouse, where you’ll climb the 93 spiral steps to the top. Get your camera ready for the incredible, uninterrupted views. During this tour you will enjoy historical commentary of the lighthouse and shipwrecks from an experienced local guide.
Either choose a daytime tour or one to coincide the sunset. Nowhere is there a sunset quite like the top of Currie Lighthouse!


Every night when the sun goes down the penguins come up to shore to rest. This is a self guided must do activity on King Island. Just drive down to Grassy Harbour just before dusk, follow port road and drive down to the end of the breakwater.