My name is Sharelle. I am a second generation potter working predominately on the pottery wheel, all my pieces are individually thrown and handmade.

The raw beauty beauty and perpetual changes of the wild King Island landscape is a continual inspiration reflected in the creative process of my work.

I make a range of homewares that are both aesthetically unique as well as functional. All of my pieces are dishwasher, microwave and food safe, they will withstand the test of time.

I also produce a range of sculptural pieces that uses a range of techniques and elements of the Island such as seaweed and local wild clay making them truly unique King Island pieces.

Wild Clay

I use wild clay locally Dug King Island clay for the majority of my work. In this process I dig clay from various sites around King Island, each area giving different colour and textural variations in the end product.

This clay is silted down with water to a slurry, so I can them pass this through a sieve and remove the organic matter such as twigs, rocks and plant roots. It is then laid out on boards and let to sit until it is try enough to be kneaded similar to a bread dough.

Although the process is labour intensive the results and variation of colour and texture of the pieces are magical.


Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of pottery by joining in a class. Grab a group of friends or treat yourself. Catering to all levels with materials supplied the lesson is a relaxed and fun introduction to clay. For further information or to make a booking get in touch via my Instagram page or give me a call.

Instagram : wild.island.pottery

Mobile: 0400 858 339