King Island Holiday Voucher Program

If a trip to King Island has long been on your bucket list, then the time has come to put a big tick beside it. We’re excited to announce that the King Island Travel Voucher ballot is open for registrations from the 7th-10th April, 2022 – bringing with it a brand new way to experience the best our island has to offer. With the silly season now well and truly behind us and shorter days on the horizon as the cooler months approach, there’s never been a better time to reset and relax. 

You might choose to retreat to cosy, boutique accommodation complete with a fireplace and resident wallabies to keep you company as you flick through the pages of a book you’ve been trying to read for months. Perhaps you’d rather make the most of the crisp (and oh-so-fresh) air while you explore at your own pace, spinning yarns with local characters and getting lost in the scenery and history of our island. If your perfect escape revolves around filling your belly with delicious food, then quite frankly, you’ll be spoilt for choice with fresh and unique foodie experiences at your fingertips (hint: a crayfish pie from the local bakery is a must, it’s King Island on a plate). Finally, if you’re an avid golfer then there is a very big chance that King Island has held a firm place on your must-visit golf course list for a while now. Either way you plan to spend your time on King Island, an autumn/winter getaway is sure to leave you feeling invigorated. 

For those that are familiar with the delights of our island already, consider this your ideal opportunity to reacquaint yourself with our stunning coastlines, lush farmland and laid back lifestyle. And hey, we’ve missed you! 

Here are the top things to experience (or re-experience), unique to King Island:

  • The Calcified Forest. A stark contrast to the rest of the island’s landscape, find hundreds of oddly shaped limestone ‘statues’ formed when calcium carbonate adhered to the deep roots of coastal vegetation, before being left exposed when the surrounding sand has been swept away by coastal winds. Did we mention it’s 7000 years old?
  • The Boathouse. Which is in fact, no ordinary boathouse at all. Also known as ‘the restaurant with no food’, what this quirky establishment lacks in waitstaff, beverages or food for that matter, it makes up for with sweeping harbour views and cheery bright yellow exterior. Simply BYO locally purchased produce, sit back and soak it all in (just don’t forget to do the dishes when you’re done).
  • See the tallest lighthouse in the Southern Hemisphere. Standing at 48 metres tall, the Cape Wickham Lighthouse has been shining across Bass Strait for just over 160 years. While you aren’t able to climb the lighthouse, the opportunity to admire this historic structure, built from locally quarried stone is a must.
  • Play top rated golf courses. Cape Wickham Golf Course has been consistently rated as a number 1 public golf course in Australia, as well as being ranked the number 2 overall course in Australia second to Royal Melbourne by Golf Australia with a ‘firm case to be number 1 in Australia’. While Ocean Dunes is ranked 4th on the list of Australia’s best public golf courses. Each course offers a picturesque coastal setting, naturally formed rolling greens and sweeping (often 360 degree) ocean views. There’s no bad days on the course here!
  • A surfing paradise. Whether you’re an avid surfer or not, there is a lot to be marvelled about the perfect surf breaks that surround King Island. One in particular, the ‘A frame’ at Martha Lavinia is a perfect wave formed by the crystal clear waters of the north coast, touted by many as one of Australia’s best beach breaks.
  • And finally, the chance to go at your own pace. There’s no peak hour traffic to contend with or Ubers to wait for, just uncrowded roads and a friendly wave from the car coming in the other direction – which should always be met with a friendly wave back.

So, now that you’re surely planning your King Island getaway in your head (can you almost smell the fresh air?) Here are all the things you need to know:

  1. The ballot registration opens from 9:00am 7th April 2022 (AEST) with up to 700 vouchers available for residents of Victoria or Tasmania aged 18 years and over.
  2. The ballot registration closes at 5:00 pm 10th April 2022 (AEST).
  3. Eligible applicants (Victorian and Tasmanian residents) can apply at any time during the ballot registration period. You can register for the ballot once only.
  4. The vouchers are valued at $300 and must be used for travel between 1st May and 31st July 2022.
  5. Vouchers will be allocated via random selection of valid registrations, with successful ballot recipients notified by SMS and email on 11th April 2022.
  6. Vouchers can be redeemed via the King Island Tourism online booking portal against the cost of accommodation, tours, attractions, meals and more.