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The Festival of Art Culture and Environment (FACE) of King Island


The inaugural FACE of King was held throughout April, 2019 and was a lot of fun. The idea behind FACE is to spend the month celebrating the environment of King Island through cultural events while simultaneously raising funds for specific conservation issues.

In this first event, the theme was ‘Birds in Our Lives’ and the cultural activities revolved around the joy of birds, their habitats and needs, with funds raised going to the ‘Wings on King’ monitoring program.

Artists from as far away as Germany took part as well as many of our highly talented locals. The program included two art exhibitions – one with works auctioned and the other of lent artefacts from the local community; ‘Where Song Began – The Concert’ with performers Simone Slattery and Anthony Albrecht perform their amazing composition based on the book by Tim Lowe, and ‘Soaring’ was a rollicking poetry reading, song and dance by Jack Oats (aka Baker) a renowned scientist, ornithologist and now poet. Significant funds were raised.

The next FACE will be in April 2021 with the theme to be announced in late 2019 and the program available by mid 2020.

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