Suggested Itineraries

Whether you like to take it easy or would prefer to keep busy, there are plenty of options for everyone on King Island. You certainly can’t see everything in one weekend. To make things easier we’ve asked locals and visitors to share their favourite King Island highlights and have linked them together in the following itineraries. 

Martha Lavinia


These suggestions are all about getting out and exploring as much of the island as possible! You want to get out there and fill your visit with amazing and memorable experiences. This itinerary includes hiking & walking experience, golf and of course surfing.

Fishing on king island

The Classic Weekend

Time is precious and you only have a couple of days on King Island. You want to make sure that you tick the highlights off your list. We’ve surveyed our visitors over the last few years with the following suggestions encompassing all the experiences they told us we’re top of the list.

Calcified Forest

Down South

Some of our visitors are surprised to learn that you can’t see all of King Island in one day. The south of the island includes some of the best restaurants and the most amazing experiences. There are also plenty of accommodation options down here which means that you could spend your entire visit below 40 degrees south.

Currie King Island


Slow down and forget about traffic lights, parking metres and high rise buildings to make way for the relaxed atmosphere of Currie. Here you will find friendly locals, delicious fresh produce to stock up on and infamous crayfish pies.

Cape Wickham

Up North

Just ask a local and they'll tell you this area is pretty special. Beaches galore, natural wonders and ‘that’ golf course. You’ll need to plan your food-stops while you’re touring the north but you’ll find no shortage of jaw-dropping experiences to whet the appetite.


East Coast

The few residents of Naracoopa claim that their sleepy, east-coast paradise is blessed with a great deal more sunshine than the rest of the island. While other islanders treat this claim with some scepticism, it’s certainly true that Naracoopa is King Island’s only truly coastal settlement and has a wonderfully relaxing ‘seaside town’ feel.