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King Island Distillery

1 Racecourse Road, Currie, King Island 7256


Hours: Open by appointment dial the disitiller 0488243377

Visit this micro Distillery on King Island and Heidi Weitjens, Founder, Sole Trader & Distiller will offer you a tasting of our growing range of King Island Spirits. King Island Distillery Heidi Weitjens fulfilling the dream of capturing the taste of our King Island Spirit in a bottle. Handcrafting Gin & Vodka in custom Pot Stills ‘Copper Angels’ made on King Island at 40° South Latitude with a happy attitude! Enjoy ;-)

Online orders for our King Island Distillery gin and vodka and are processed daily and posted around Australia.

♡ King Island Distillery Native Gin - Wins SILVER MEDAL at the Australian Gin Awards 2020. Is as natural as a Spirit can be. “A Gin that races across the tongue to a juniper finish, which is smooth with a good alcohol balance.” Testifies Bill Lark. ♡ King Island Distillery Ruby Vodka - A well balanced spirit. Bill Lark exclaims “Wow - that’s a great Vodka! Beautiful nose with grapefruit being the ideal superhero - Clean and inviting.”
♡ Spirits made on King Island by female Owner and Distiller Heidi Weitjens | hh♡ @ Tasmania’s Top End Northernmost placed fully operational boutique Distillery.


Spirits made on King Island by Heidi who was also made on this Island, is the proud 100% Local Sole Trader and Artisan Distiller of her Company King Island Distillery, established in 2014 . Located on the 40th parallel south is a circle of latitude ( also aligns with our friendly King Island attitude ;-)) that is 40 ° degrees south of the Earth's equatorial plane, are the Northernmost available in Tasmania.

King Island Distillery is operating on a daily basis near the Racecourse in Currie, everything is done manually by hand and in house. This is also where Heidi handcrafts Native Gin and Ruby Vodka and the latest edition is King Island Distillery 40 ° South Vodka. Keeping the King Island connection via our location, in top end Tasmania.

Proudly King Island Heidi Weitjens King Island Distillery

Cancellation Policy

No cancellations allowed date changes for cellar door and spirit tastings by approval.