Delve into the diverse landscapes of King Island, whether you’re exploring the entirety of this unique island or selecting a cozy corner to settle into King Island should be this Winter’s holiday destination. 

King Island transforms into an intimate winter retreat, offering a unique blend of food, art, and authenticity. Our Island experience is everything from our golf greens and boutique accommodations to our renowned steak, exquisite triple brie, a vibrant art center, and historical museum.  It’s exceptional—it’s transformative. Winter on King Island isn’t just a season; it’s an invitation to experience life more fully, wrapped in the warmth of our hospitality and the unparalleled beauty of our surroundings.

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Where a touch of country that meets your ultimate get away. Discover the enchanting “Kintyre,” a secluded paradise nestled in the heart of King Island’s serene landscapes, yet conveniently situated just 10 minutes north of the airport. Perfectly positioned halfway between the charming Currie and the breathtaking Cape Wickham, Kintyre offers an authentic farm stay experience that promises to be as memorable as it is comfortable. This idyllic country retreat boasts three cozy bedrooms, including two queen rooms and a twin room, all designed to ensure a restful night’s sleep after a day of island exploration.

Kingtyre Accomodation

Off Season | Kintyre Haven

Set within the lively bounds of a working farm, guests are invited to immerse themselves in daily farm life, from the delightful presence of chooks to the majestic beauty of cattle roaming the fields. Kintyre is not just a place to stay; it's an opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy the seclusion of farm life, no neighbours nor light pollution.   Take a self-guided winter tour of the working farm and return to savour local delights like King Island honey and thyme, with a recipe card for the perfect roasted camembert to enjoy fireside.

Island Larder

Island Larder, smack in the middle of Currie on King Island, is the kind of place that feels like home. Your caffeine hits the spot with gorgeous coffee, making sure every cup is just right. And the food? It’s all about homemade vibes, with tasty sandwiches, fresh salads, cakes, and treats that bring the best of King Island’s local produce to your plate. The place has a laid-back, welcoming feel that’s perfect for catching up the Island life feel. Island Larder is the go-to spot for good food, great coffee, and real island flavour, all served up with a big dose of love.

Off Season | Indulge in a take-home winter feast for two

Indulge in a heartwarming 3-course winter feast for two, complete with a starter, main course, and a delightful dessert. Pick it up with your morning coffee at our cafe, all set for a cozy evening ahead. After a day of exploring King Island, come home, kick off your boots, and simply reheat to enjoy. Designed for your convenience, it's ready to savour in the comfort of your own space, on your own schedule. Pricing ranges from $10-20 for starters, $15-30 for mains, and $10-25 for desserts. To book email

Ettrick Rocks

Nestled on the edge where the rugged Tasmanian wilderness meets the expansive Southern Ocean, Ettrick Rocks offers an escape that combines luxury with the raw beauty of nature. Imagine waking up to panoramic views of the ocean’s horizon, framed by the comfort of a plush bed and the convenience of high-tech amenities. Step outside, and you’re greeted by secluded sandy coves and natural rock pools teeming with marine life, promising adventure and relaxation alike. Whether you’re collecting sea shells, exploring the white sand beaches, or simply enjoying a glass of wine as the lighthouse’s beacon flickers in the twilight, Ettrick Rocks isn’t just a stay—it’s an experience you won’t forget.

Off Season | A private chef

Elevate your winter escape with a bespoke chef experience—savour the rich flavours of a personally prepared 3-course meal or indulge in an opulent 5-course degustation, all highlighting the finest local ingredients. This exclusive culinary event, set against the backdrop of your sumptuous accommodation, promises a winter getaway that tantalises all the senses.