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Farm Tours

One of the most memorable aspects of the King Island Long Table is the Farm & Produce Tour which enriches and enhances the dining experience at the heart of this exceptional festival of food. The tours provide an immersion into the lives of King Islanders but also serves as an education into the skill and resourcefulness required to bring their exceptional produce to your plate.

Fred Perry is not only a legend of this tour, he’s also a local-hero who is happy to share his passion and knowledge with either experts or know-nothings, all of whom will never forget his memorable, fascinating and humorous delivery. Fred’s lamb is often spotted on the menu of local restaurants and offers a guarantee of a succulent a flavoursome meal. Fred and his wife Shona have lovingly tended their land for decades and have travelled all over the world to learn more and improve their practice using the knowledge they are also happy to share with the lucky few who will attend this annual tour.

Fred and Shona are not the only producers who are eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for growing some of the world’s best produce with local market gardeners and Long Table co-founders Paul and Cynthia Daniel also inviting guests to visit their farm along with local seafood experts Max and Donna Summers who have a rich repertoire of knowledge about local oyster, crayfish and king crab to name a few of the destinations on the tours which run on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th April.

To learn more about these unforgettable and unique experiences please visit the Long Table Festival program page.



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