Where to go fishing on King Island

King Island’s seafood is world-renowned and for good reason. The clean, remote waters surrounding the island are home to an abundance of sea life including King George whiting, blue-spotted flathead, barracouta, school and mako shark, garfish, squid and of course the infamous King Island rock lobster and abalone. Whether you choose to fish from the beach, a jetty or boat you’ll have the opportunity to catch a range of varieties and have a great time kicking back, fishing rod in hand.

Popular fishing spots

Grassy Jetty
Bold Head
Naracoopa Jetty
Sea Elephant
Three Sisters
Phoques Bay
British Admiral Point

What will I catch from the shore?

Great surf fishing is available with the opportunity to catch Australian salmon, mullet, wrasse, gummy shark, sand flathead and snapper.

What will I catch from a boat?

From a boat you can catch King George whiting, bluespotted flathead, barracouta, school and mako shark, garfish, squid, sea sweep and luderick.

Local fishing information

  • Netting is not allowed in most rivers and estuaries. Please check the Recreational Sea Fishing Guide or Tas Fish Guide app for more information.
  • King Island is well-known for its large rock lobster, abalone fishing and commercial bull kelp industry (please note a license is required if you are fishing for lobster or abalone)
  • Report any suspected illegal fishing to Fishwatch on 04287 655 557
  • Bait can be purchased from TG & DJ Perry Pty Ltd located on the Main Street in Currie and open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, Saturdays from 9am to 11am.  

Information map and guide

Download Fishing Around King Island which includes where to fish, the fish that can be caught, bait and gear information, local fishing facts and sea fishing rules and information.

Recreational fishing enquiries

Visit the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania website for more information.

Fishing on King Island